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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:

The fear of failure.

Paulo Cuelho "The Alchemist"

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The Arts

The Arts drives the enterprise throughout the whole school. It is highly evident to any visitor how important the Arts are to us. In addition to curricular enterprise, we host at least three whole school enterprise initiatives per year. For example we held a ‘festival of lights’ in December to celebrate all faiths worshipped by our children and families and sold artwork and crafts. Every two years we host an Arts Festival with five other schools from the area.




We also pride ourselves in the fantastic musical opportunities we offer to our children. At Anfield Road, children in Years 1 - 4 all learn a musical instrument, alongside our 'Wider Opps' program, which requires every child in Year 4 to take ownership and responsibility of a musical instrument. We understand the importance of transferable skills and this is something we positively promote here. Following the success of our 'Wider Opps' program, we also host Pathways - where 12 children from the year group are chosen, due to their efforts and talents, to further their learning of a musical instrument. Not only do we have a successful musical instrument programme running throughout our school, but we also have 2 very successful choirs; a Middle School and an Upper School choir.


With such fantastic musical opportunities available throughout the curriculum, it is no surprise that our extra curricular music club is such a success. Currently, we have 26 children in our school band playing many instruments, ranging from the guitar, violin, piano and drums.