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Autumn 1


Super spooky counting and smiles in Enchanted Forest today. 

Reception your teachers are so incredibly proud of you all. You have all settled in so well and we have had so much fun getting to know you all. Yesterday’s gorgeous teddy bears picnic was a lovely end of half term treat. We cannot wait to see you all soon.

Halloween fun! 

Enchanted Forest you have blown me away this week. I won't need any help remembering the words for our Teddy bear, Teddy bear song with these beautiful rhyme maps. You have written your names on your work too. Very proud!

We have enjoyed having little picnics this week in Enchanted Forest. We spoke about our favourite picnic food,  sandwiches and fruit are very popular! What do you enjoy eating at a picnic?

Magic Kingdom have enjoyed showing their teddy bears their classroom.

Magic Kingdom have been making jam sandwiches for the teddy bears’ picnic.

The sky is our favourite classroom ceiling! 

Reception enjoyed taking part in #Take10ToRead today! We love looking at books with our friends! 

There’s Room on the Broom for Magic Kingdom today! We have loved reading this story and acting it out inside and outside of class as part of our author study! 

September 2021

Thank you for sharing all your favourite things with your friends this week Far Far Away. It was such a joy to see your face light up as you spoke about each item in your bag. 

Such a lovely week listening to Far Far Away sharing their All about me bag. The children shared their favourite books, showed their special photos, favourite toys and sang their favourite song by Kate Bush.


We have really enjoyed looking at nursery rhymes in Enchanted Forest this week. What is your favourite? 

Today,we passed a squeeze around our circle. It made us feel happy. We spoke about our community. We are a part of Enchanted Forest in Sefton House.


Today we started sharing our favourite things in Enchanted Forest. We loved looking at and listening to people's favourite items from home. These are a few of our favourite things.


This morning Magic Kingdom came back into class to find the fairy had returned to get her wing back. She was called Flo and she left us a note and some magic fairy glitter.

Today in Enchanted Forest we are trying to guess what has happened in our home corner. What do you think has happened?

We love our sound and number of the day in Enchanted Forest. Remember to spot the s sound and number 4 at home too! 

So proud of Far Far Away today in PE. Not only did they try so hard to get changed they also tackled those tricky buttons. We had a lovely PE lesson with super listening skills and followed instructions well. Big thumbs up to everyone.


We found a fairy wing outside. We left the wing with a note by the window to see if the fairy came back for their wing.

We are really enjoying our wellbeing sessions in Enchanted Forest. Our class puppet Willow enjoyed us passing her around our circle and getting lots of squeezes. We also love ending each session by giving a teddy bear a tummy ride. A beautiful afternoon. 

Ava has recieved Enchanted Forest Super Sitter award today for being such a good role model to others on the carpet. Reece recieved a kindness award for helping others with tricky buttons on their cardigans. Mrs Furness is so proud. Super smiles!

Wow! Magic Kingdom read a story today that included a tent! This led to us making a tent...which then led to us making a pretend fire....which then led to us making marshmallows to toast and listening to a story around the fire! Don’t you just love stories!😀

We have really enjoyed looking in our deep dark woods box today to find different body parts. We then sorted them into human or Gruffalo. Super work Enchanted Forest!

Marvellous Mathematicians in Enchanted Forest today! 

Magic Kingdom enjoyed their first PE lesson. 

International Peace Day doves # Magic Kingdom.

Outdoor provision # learning in Magic Kingdom.

What a lovely end to the week for Far Far Away with a visit to see the goats and chickens. We fed the goats and were able to stroke the chickens. A big thank you to Mr O’Connor and Terence for answering our questions and showing us how to feed them. 

Magic Kingdom had a visit to the allotment and the chickens and goats.

Super news today in Far Far Away. We had everyone in school and on time 🙌🏼 Super Behaviour for last week too as everyone has stayed green. Miss Bell is super proud and cannot wait for a fantastic year ahead 🤩👏

Enchanted Forest enjoyed making self portraits with natural resources. What a prefect end to a lovely first full week. Have a lovely weekend! 💚

Well done Magic Kingdom! We have finished our first full week at school! We’ve had so much fun and been super busy in our new classroom! We have settled in really well! We can’t wait for next week! 


Busy bees in the areas today! Well done Enchanted Forest you are all settling in so well.

The maths area has been very popular in Enchanted Forest this morning. Mrs Furness is so proud of our counting! 


Mark making and building up our muscles. # Magic Kingdom.

Fun in the sun playing in the water. # Magic Kingdom

Far Far Away have really enjoyed exploring the areas today. We cannot wait for another fun day with all our new friends.

Well done Far Far Away your first full day in Reception. Busy bees today showing lots of fine motor skills and mark making. 😀


Lots of lovely mark making in Magic Kingdom today.