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Autumn 2

Lots of fun and party games in Masterminds this morning ! Turns out they are all far too good at musical statues !

I was so proud of Brainiacs this afternoon! They tried so hard with their running stitch and even went around helping each other 🥰 we can’t wait to sew a button on tomorrow!

Today, Masterminds put their sewing skills to the test. We did our running stitch to create a pouch for an Egyptian god to take his amulet to the afterlife! They’re great so far!


This afternoon, we have had a go at weaving using different coloured yarn! We all tried very hard and were very resilient even when it got a bit fiddly. There have been some fantastic patterns created.


Brainiacs showed some real patience and determination this afternoon practising some weaving! The patterns were so beautiful.


We spent the afternoon creating a habitat for Silver based on research we have found this week! Silver seemed pretty happy with his home.


Masterminds investigated what these drinks can do to your teeth. Did you know that egg shell is very similar to the enamel on your teeth ? The results were very interesting ! We will be making tooth friendly choices from now on.




Hamish has had a great time in Masterminds this week. We’ve found out a lot of interesting fatcs: he’s even read some of our books, practised his TTRS and played a game of Tiddly Winks! 

Some children in Masterminds enjoyed making Christmas cookies for having such great attendance these past few weeks. 


Today was our planning day for our independent write: where we will get to write our own fantasy story set in Ancient Egypt! We shared our ideas with the toughest critics about…our classmates! Thankfully, they were all good reviews. We can’t wait to write tomorrow.


We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the digestive system this week! We couldn’t believe that our bodies are so busy working away!

Today in science, we looked at the role of the intestines in our digestive system. This resulted in us making our own poo💩🙈! We’ve got a great understanding of our digestive system and we think it’s a pretty impressive thing!

Today in science, Masterminds created their own part of a digestive system. We broke up bread to represent chewing our food; added orange juice to represent our stomach’s acid and squished them together to act like our muscles contracting. Things got messy!


Today, Year 4 explored how vital the River Nile was during the Ancient Egyptian times. We investigated some of the famous surrounding sites and created our own Ancient Egyptian map in the sand.

Wow, Masterminds🤩! 24/25 children received their walk to school badge for October. A fantastic achievement!!

Full attendance for Autumn 1 in Masterminds today. Well done!