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The fear of failure.

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Wednesday 24th February 2021- As you will be aware, this week the Prime Minister announced the reopening of schools. Anfield Road Primary will be open to all pupils on Monday 8th March 2021. Our initial plans indicate that we will run school in exactly the same way as before Christmas. This will mean same gates with staggered start and end times. The children will be in consistent bubbles all day. We will add updated information on the website early next week.



Friday 12th February 2021- This week we ended the half term on such a high when each class had a live video call with their teacher and all their friends. This was a huge success and the feedback has been fantastic, especially from the teachers who shared how much it lifted their spirits. Read some of our teacher comments below. 


  • ‘I left the call with happy tears’
  • ‘It was so nice to see their little faces, they were so excited to see each other’
  • ‘I feel so uplifted after the call, can’t wait to do it again!’
  • ‘It was gorgeous to see all the children and they had so much they wanted to talk about’
  • ‘This made my day and made me cry happy tears’
  • ‘It was lovely to catch up with my lovely class, I miss them so much’
  • ‘I’m so proud to be their teacher’
  • ’It was just what the doctor ordered’
  • ‘The call was just what I needed’


We love and miss you all lots and we can’t wait until we are back together again. 

The face you pull when you see your teacher and friends on a video call!