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The fear of failure.

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What is Kagan Cooperative Learning?


Kagan Cooperative Learning is a teaching and learning strategy where the class is split into small groups, usually teams of four children. As well as working in their teams, there are also opportunities to work in pairs and whole class depending on the task. As part of Kagan learning, each team member is responsible not only for their learning, but for also helping their teammates learn, creating an atmosphere of success and achievement. Each group consists of different abilities levels who all use their skills to support each other. 


Not only do Kagan strategies maximise every child’s involvement and engagement in lessons, they also develop children’s confidence, social skills, turn taking and communication skills. 


Basic Principle of Kagan- PIES


P- Positive interdependence- are students on the same side? Does the task require working together?


I- Individual Accountability- Is individual performance required?


E- Equal participation- Is participation approximately equal?


S- Simultaneous Interaction- What percent of students are overtly interacting at once?


Click on the image below to watch a video about Kagan Cooperative Learning