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Nursery News & Gallery 2020/2021

28/06/2021- Baby Bugs explored mark making today with their whole bodies. 

25/06/2021- What an exciting morning for Creative Caterpillars. We cut up all our vegetables to put on to our pizza. We then cut up our fruit and drizzled melted chocolate on to it before the best part… getting to taste it all. 

18/06/2021- We have had lots of fun this afternoon in Busy Butterflies, using our gross motor skills and working with our friends in the garden. 

18/06/2021- Unlike Goldilocks, we tidy up our mess in Baby Bugs. 

18/06/2021- Creative Caterpillars have been exploring mini beasts both inside and outside. 

18/06/2021- Baby Bugs have been experimenting by trying different fruits in their porridge. They have been so adventurous. 


18/06/2021- Baby Bugs love looking after our animals 


16/06/2021- Baby Bugs exploring the outdoors and finding spaces to rest and have some shade. 

11/06/2021- Baby Bugs have been exploring colour outside whilst also working on our gross motor skills. 

09/06/2021- Creative Caterpilllars showing how independent they are for outdoor snack. 

09/06/2021- Outdoor fine motor and gross motor painting, 


09/06/2021- Creative Caterpillars having fun in the tent.


09/06/2021- Large scale construction for Creative Cateroillars today.


09/06/2021- Creative Caterpillars have been using the fishing nets to scoop up the balls. Some of the children categorised the balls by colour. 

09/06/2021- Creative Caterpillars’ beach day


09/06/2021- Mini beast hunting and making a wormery today outside for Creative Caterpillars. 

8/06/2021- Baby Bugs have been busy this morning taking photographs for their entry to the ARPS Twitter Photography Competition. 

Friday 28th May 2021- Busy Butterflies celebrating Heroes of 2020


Friday 28th May 2021- Happy Birthday Anfield, love from Baby Bugs 

Friday 28th May- Creative Caterpillars have had a brilliant day celebrating the heroes of 2020 for the school’s 135th birthday!


Friday 14th May- Engagement, resilience and determination! 


Friday 14th May- Creative Caterpillars have enjoyed learning about Eid. 


Friday 14th May- Creative Caterpillars have been enjoying their vets themed role play this week! 


Thursday 13th May- Baby Bugs have been making baked oats for snack. 


Wednesday 12th May- Busy Butterflies using our Mark Making area to explore lines and create patterns in the sand. 


Thursday 6th May- Using tractors to make marks in the paint. 🚜 🎨 


Thursday 6th May- Wow, look at our amazing Creative Caterpillars independently counting recognising numbers and matching numeral to quantity. 


Tuesday 4th May- A big thank you to Nico for bringing us the rhubarb that you grew at home. Creative Caterpillars made rhubarb and apple crumble and it was delicious. 


Monday 3rd May- It was a 3- class dead heat for ‘Most Active Class’ for April in our Walk to School project. Well done Creative Caterpillars πŸ› 


Thursday 29th April- Perfumes and potions πŸ§ͺ 🌸 


Thursday 29th April- Look at Baby Bug’s mark making skills! 


Thursday 29th April- Baby Bugs enjoyed drawing around themselves and adding their features. Lots of ‘spiky hair’ and ‘big eyes’.


Wednesday 28th April- Baby Bugs have had a very active day! They have been working on their gross motor skills by throwing, catching and kicking a ball, riding scooters and balancing and jumping! Wow! They have been so good at turn taking too! 


Friday 23rd April- Busy Butterflies had lots of fun exploring the nursery garden in the sunshine today πŸ¦‹ 


Friday 23rd April- Creative Caterpillars have been practising writing phonics sounds and using both fine and gross motor skills to draw and write. πŸ–Š 


Friday 23rd April- Our Baby Bugs loved working outside creating potions! There was lots of talk about colours, smells and textures as well as lots of supporting and team work.


Thursday 22nd April- Creative Caterpillars have been beautifully representing our lovely Earth this week in celebration of Earth Day 2021 🌎 


Tuesday 22nd April- Busy Butterflies have represented our beautiful Earth in many ways this week. Little people paving the way for big change ♻️ 



Thursday 23nd April- Little people making a big difference! Baby Bugs made their impact on Earth Day! 


Wednesday 23rd April- Happy Birthday to one of our Golden girls, Mrs Bromley! 60 today πŸŽ‚  Thank you for everything you do, and just being the special person you are! ♥️ 




Tuesday 20th April- Lots of gross motor this afternoon for Creative Caterpillars using the bikes, scooters and playing football 🚲 πŸ›΄ πŸ› 


Friday 16th April- How lucky are we to have so many amazing experiences in our school! Baby Bugs loved getting up close to the hens πŸ” 


Friday 16th April- “Who’s that trip trapping over our yard?” 🐐 


Friday 16th April- Busy Butterflies hard at work! 


Wednesday 14th April- Nursery have been so excited to welcome our goats back to school after their holiday to the farm. All fed, brushed and walked and ready to go! 🐐 



Tuesday 13th April- Baby Bugs having so much fun outside! 



Tuesday 13th April- Team work makes the dream work in Baby Bugs! 


Tuesday 13th April- Baby Bugs have been loving their transportation invitation to play. Lots of turn taking and working together. 



Friday 26th march- What an egg-celent day in Busy Butterflies 🐰 πŸ₯š 


Friday 26th March- Creative Caterpillars enjoyed their reward this afternoon. They earned a movie day for hitting their target in the gem jar πŸ‘πŸ» 🍿 


Friday 26th March- Creative Caterpillars were so egg-cited today! 


Friday 26th March- We have had a visitor in nursery today! 🐰 Baby Bugs had so much fun on their Easter Egg hunt πŸ₯š 



Thursday 25th March- Creative Caterpillars have enjoyed watching our plants grow πŸͺ΄. Today we were showing our friends and talking and about which plant is the tallest 🌱 


Tuesday 23rd March- Baby Bugs have loved exploring the mud kitchen today with lots of citrus fruits πŸ‹ 


Monday 22nd March- Spring has definitely arrived in Baby Bugs! 🌺 


Tuesday 23rd March- Baby Bugs love being creative! They have had so much fun with these resources which focus on the process and the children’s independence. 


Thursday 18th March- A fabulous rendition of Twinkle Twinkle whilst mark making! πŸ–Š 🎢 




Still image for this video

Wednesday 17th March- We are so proud of how independent Baby Bugs are. They help with setting the table, washing the dishes, trying new foods, dressing themselves, helping each other and tidying up. 


Tuesday 16th March- What a lovely day Creative Caterpillars have had outside. Den building, obstacle courses, hiding in tyres, tea making, spider hunting, car making, wheelbarrow rides and lots of teamwork! 



Thursday 11th March- Creative Caterpillars got stuck in today to make plants their seeds 🌸 


Thursday 11th March- Busy Butterflies enjoyed planting their seeds today and can’t wait to watch them grow. 


Thursday 11th March- Baby Bugs enjoyed planting their seeds as part of the Great Springy Spruce Up.


Wednesday 10th March- Busy Butterflies enjoyed making their fruit kebabs and learning about healthy food. 


Wednesday 10th March- Baby Bugs have been trying lots of tasty fruits and learning about healthy food for Science Week. 🍎 🍌 πŸ‰ 🍈 


Wednesday 10th March- Creative Caterpillars worked so hard to make their fruit kebabs 🍎 πŸ‰ 🍌 


Monday 8th March- Our 2 year olds in Baby Bugs are gaining more and more confidence each week. They love exploring their beautiful provision which provokes curiosity and  investigation.