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Parent to Child Abuse


PEGS believe in creating a safe place where you can talk openly about your experiences, where you will always be listened to, always believed, and never judged. Their service is free, available to any parent regardless of the age of their child (including adult offspring), and aimed at any parent, carer or guardian experiencing Child to Parent Abuse. They support parents and work alongside organisations who do a great job supporting the children in this situation. 


  • Do you watch what you say because of the potential repercussions?
  • Do you avoid family situations due to conflict?
  • Are you worried about the safety of your family?
  • Does your child damage property to get what they want?
  • Does your child threaten to harm people or animals?
  • Does your child steal from you?


If this sounds like the situation in your home, then you may be experiencing Child to Parent Abuse. You might feel alone right now, but you're actually among the 10% of families for whom CPA is a reality at some point. And you are in the right place, as we are an organisation specifically founded to support parents, carers and guardians who are experiencing domestic abuse at the hands of their own children. 


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