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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:

The fear of failure.

Paulo Cuelho "The Alchemist"

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Anfield Road Primary School

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Pupil Leadership Team

Meet our Language Ambassadors 


Please say hello to our Language Ambassadors



Their roles include:


  • Welcoming children and their families on their induction days.
  • Supporting children around the school when they are upset or find it difficult to communicate. 
  • Encouraging children to talk in their home languages. 
  • Supporting teachers and support staff with children in any year group.
  • Acting as role models to our new starters with English as an additional language. 


Languages spoken include Kurdish, Arabic, Urdu, Mandinka, Portuguese, Romanian, Tamil and Czech. 

Year 6 Roles & Responsibilities

Head Pupils

Hello! We are your Head Pupils. We will support our Head of House and push for our houses to be the best across school by setting an example, acting as role models to our younger pupils and those around us and raising the profile of our houses. Go Stanley, Newsham and Sefton! 


Sefton House 


Head of House: Mrs Elliot

House Colour: Purple

Newsham House


Head of House: Ms Costello

House Colour: Blue


Stanley House


Head of House: Mrs McDonald

House Colour: Yellow

School Prefects


As your Prefects, we will ensure that all our students act sensibly and safely whilst moving around school and we will help with any fund raising or parent events. 

Umbrella Gang


We will help students in our school with their worries, concerns and any other issues that they may have. We will make sure they always have someone to talk to and we will raise any issues that have an impact on our wellness. 


Gardening Team


We will ensure that we are all doing our bit to save the planet. We will help make sure that our allotment, sensory garden and all of our garden areas are watered, looked after and kept weed free. We will also raise awareness the year with lots of different Eco campaigns.

IT Technicians


We will support in assemblies, making sure that they run smoothly without any IT issues. We will also support our school by raising awareness of online safety in all of its forms. 

Wombles (Litter Pickers)


We will ensure that we are working together to encourage everyone to do their best to save the planet. We help look after our environment by picking up litter in our school, in our environment and around our local park. We will also raise awareness across the year with different Eco campaigns. 


Recycling Team


We will ensure that everyone within the Anfield family are doing our bit to save the planet. We will help recycle in our L4 Dinner Centre, monitor our electrical usage and recycle in our classes and across school. We will also raise awareness across the year leading lots of different Eco campaigns.