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Screen Free Week

Can you have a Screen- Free week?


We have launched a ‘Screen Free Week’ where we are challenging everybody to reduce their screen time or go completely screen- free! Instead of a device, why not pick up a book or go to the park? The children have all been given log books to earn lots of points and we can’t wait to hear about how they used their time! 

Check out some of the ways we have enjoyed our screen-free time this week

Year 1


Year 1- Octopuses Garden have made their pledges and they are very excited to read books, play on scooters and bikes, go to the park and play on their trampolines. 


Year 4


Masterminds have pledged to reduce their screen time by reading books and spending time outside and they are excited to earn lots of house points! 


Year 5


Da Vincis’ pledge to reduce their screen time outside of school and they pledge to read lots of books! 



Einsteins pledge to play football, board games, read more and help around the house instead of spending their time on screens. 



Newtons made lots of screen free pledges today. They are going to swap their screens for books and the great outdoors. 


Year 6


Othellos have pledged to go screen- free this week! 



Tempests have made their pledges ready to go screen- free. They are looking forward to going to the park and spending time with their families.