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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:

The fear of failure.

Paulo Cuelho "The Alchemist"

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Spring 1


Enchanted Forest enjoyed finishing off their finger and handprints. 


This week Magic Kingdom are learning all about how police officers help us. We became detectives and had our own crime scene to investigate! We had to look for clues to work out what had happened to Humpty Dumpty! 


We have been learning about vets this week and how how to look after animals. Mrs Hardcatsle brought her lovely dog Buddy in to show us how she cares for him. 


Lots of fun to celebrate Chinese New Year! 



Magic Kingdom enjoyed bird watching today! We saw some magpies and were delighted when we spotted a bird on the roof of our school!


We love our cooking sessions!


Enchanted Forest made beautiful high viz tags today to help keep us safe crossing the road. They really impressed me with their tips on how to cross the road safely. 


Far Far Away loved learning the Charleston dance and made yummy 1920s flapjacks for snack. We have had such a fun day celebrating our wonderful schools birthday. 


Far Far Away have had such an amazing day going back to the 1920s. We played dominoes and tiddlywinks, made a mobile aeroplane and drew 1920s teddy bears.


Magic Kingdom have had such a super day going back in time to the 1920s! We really enjoyed making a 1920s flapjack snack, learning the Charleston dance, looking at 1920s art and making a mobile aeroplane!


Happy Birthday to our amazing school from Far Far Away 🥳


Enchanted Forest during the 1920’s.


Happy birthday Anfield Road Primary! Magic Kingdom are having a lovely 1920s day!