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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:

The fear of failure.

Paulo Cuelho "The Alchemist"

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Spring 1


Dressing to Express in Masterminds today! 


We have been looking at the story, Iif all the world were..’ and we think that it’s very sad but beautiful! We’ve come up with some of our own.. ‘If all the world were stories, everyone could live forever as characters’.




Today in Brainiacs we talked about how we can be sunshine or rain clouds and discussed how both of these are ok ☀️🌧 we then set ourselves some goals about what we can do when we feel a bit under the weather ☺️


This afternoon we created our own burglar alarms that sounded when a thief stands on it! We knew that for it to work we couldn’t have any gaps in our circuit!


Lilly has new leaves! 🍃We were thrilled to find new leaves growing this morning, we had a good look and talked about how they have grown different sizes!


For #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek we have been talking about our support bubbles and who we can go to for help and support if we’re feeling anxious, worried or upset: mums, dads, teachers, friends, family…and even our pets.


We’re editing our finished stories today in pairs using stand up, hand up, pair up.



Prodigies had an interesting afternoon testing our classroom to find conductors and insulators of electricity! Look what we found.



A busy afternoon creating circuits with a switch! We built our own switch and then added them into our simple circuit to make the bulb light up 💡We are becoming quite wonderful secret agents.


To celebrate #veryimpressiveplant week, Prodigies have a new member to look after! We voted and name him Prince Planty the First 👑 I think we were inspired by our letter from Prince William.


We took a little longer to decide on a name for our plant, but we would like you to meet Lilly, our Prayer plant. We have really loved learning about the best ways to care for Lilly! 


What a great way to spend the afternoon after another fantastic swimming lesson. We have been studying Crystal and completing a detailed drawing as part of our #VeryImpressivePlant week. 


To launch and celebrate our #VeryImpressivePlant week, Masterminds have welcomed and named their own class plant…Crystal🌿. She comes from the Brazilian rainforest.


We had so much fun today figuring out how to make a simple circuit using a bulb!


Lots of excitement in Masterminds today, our spy challenge was to use the electrical components to make the bulb light up.


Today in science, we recorded what facts we already knew about electricity and then shared them with our classmates. We then used our shared facts to help us complete our task of identifying electrical sources: battery powered or mains.


Year 4 loving the Roaring 20s! Happy Birthday Anfield! 


We had a fantastic provocation day in year 4. 007 - what does a secret agent need to survive? We made spy badges, investigated finger prints and even had a go at cracking codes!