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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:

The fear of failure.

Paulo Cuelho "The Alchemist"

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Staff Badminton Tournament

Final: Mrs Metcalf v Mrs Finch: WINNER- Mrs Metcalf πŸ†πŸΈ

Semi Final: Mrs Metcalf v Mrs Ball: WINNER- Mrs Metcalf πŸ†πŸΈ


Semi Final: Mrs Finch v Miss McLoughlin: WINNER- Mrs Finch πŸ†πŸΈ


Round 4: Mrs Ball v Mrs Campbell: WINNER- Mrs Campbell πŸ†πŸΈ


Round 4: Mrs Ball v Mrs Drew Williams: WINNER- Mrs Ball πŸ†πŸΈ


Round 4: Mrs Downing v Miss McLoughlin: WINNER- Miss McLoughlin πŸ†πŸΈ


Round 4: Mrs Finch v Miss Denny- WINNER: Mrs FinchπŸ†πŸΈ 


Round 3: Mrs Williams v Mrs Metcalf : WINNER- Mrs Metcalf πŸ†πŸΈ


Round 3: Mrs Downing v Mir Williams :WINNER- Mrs Downing  πŸ†πŸΈ




Round 3: Mrs Williams v Miss Denby:WINNER-Miss Denby πŸ†πŸΈ


Round 3- Miss Bell v Miss McLoughlin: WINNER- Miss McLoughlin πŸ†πŸΈ


Round 3: Mr Metcalf v Mr McCartney: WINNER- Mr Metcalf πŸ†πŸΈ


Round 3: Leighton v Mrs Finch: WINNER- Mrs Finch πŸ†πŸΈ


Round 3: Mrs Ball v Mrs Campbell: WINNER- Mrs Ball 🏸 πŸ† 


Round 3- Mrs Campbell v Miss Ryder- WINNER: Mrs Campbell πŸΈπŸ†


Round 2- Mr Williams v Miss Carroll- WINNER: Mr Williams πŸΈπŸ†


Round 2- Mrs Finch v Miss Stanley- WINNER: Mrs Finch πŸΈπŸ†


Round 2: Mrs Griffiths v Miss McLoughlin- WINNER: Miss McLoughlin 🏸 


Round 2: Mr McCartney v Mrs Williams- WINNER- Mr McCartney 


Round 2- Miss Ryder v Ms Costello- WINNER: Miss Ryder 🏸 


Round 2- Jo v Norma- WINNER: Normal 🏸 πŸ† 


Round 2- Mr Vine v Mrs Metcalf- WINNER: Mrs Metcalf πŸΈπŸ†


Round 2- Mr Gilbert v Mr Metcalf- WINNER: Mr Metcalf πŸΈπŸ†


Round 2- Mrs Drew- Williams c Mrs Furness : WINNER- Mrs Drew- Williams  πŸΈπŸ†


Round 2- Mrs Downing v Mrs Kneen : WINNER- Mrs Downing  πŸΈπŸ†




Round 2- Becky v Miss Bell: WINNER- Miss Bell πŸΈπŸ†


Round 2- Jo v Norma- Winner: Norma πŸ†πŸΈ


Round 2- Mrs Ball v Mrs Turner- Winner: Mrs Ball πŸΈ πŸ† 


Round 2- Miss Ryder v Ms Costello- Winner: Miss Ryder πŸΈ πŸ† 


Round 1- Mrs Drew- Williams v Mrs Beaumont: WINNER- Mrs Drew- Williams πŸΈπŸ†


Round 1- Mrs Griffiths v Mrs Tennant: WINNER- Mrs Griffiths πŸΈπŸ†


Round 1- Mrs Turner v Aly: WINNER- Mrs Turner🏸 πŸ† 


Round 1- Mrs Ball v Patri: WINNER- Mrs Ball 🏸 πŸ† 


Round 1: Mrs Williams v Mrs McNally: WINNER- Mrs Williams πŸΈπŸ†


Round 1- Mrs Furness v Katie: WINNER- Mrs Furness πŸΈπŸ†


Round 1- Miss Stanley v Mrs Roberts: WINNER- Miss Stanley πŸΈ πŸ† 


Round 1- Mrs Finch v Miss Bradley: WINNER- Mrs Finch 🏸 πŸ† 


Round 1- Mrs Campbell through to the next round due to her opponent pulling out πŸΈπŸ†


Round 1- Miss Doran v Miss Coward: WINNER- Miss Doran πŸΈπŸ†


Round 1- Mrs Salah v Mr Williams: WINNER- Mr Williams πŸΈπŸ†




Round 1- Miss Carroll v Mrs Mairs: WINNER- Miss Carroll 🏸 πŸ† 


Round 1- Miss Ryder v Miss Wade: WINNER- Miss Ryder πŸΈπŸ†


Round 1- Mrs Downing v Mrs Hardcastle- WINNER: Mrs Downing🏸 πŸ† 


Round 1- Mrs Bromley v Mrs Kneen- WINNER: Mrs Keen 🏸 πŸ† 


Round 1- Mrs Moncayola v Ms Costello WINNER: Ms Costelllo πŸΈ πŸ†


Round 1- Mr O’Connor v Leighton WINNER: Leighton  πŸΈ πŸ†


Round 1- Miss Meredith v Miss Bell- WINNER: Miss Bell πŸΈ πŸ†


Round 1- Mr McCartney v Savannah- WINNER: Mr McCartney 🏸 πŸ† 


Round 1- Mr Turner v Mr Vine- WINNER: Mr Vine πŸΈ πŸ† 


Round 1- Mrs Hesketh v Mrs Metcalf- WINNER: Mrs Metcalf 🏸 πŸ† 


Round 1- Miss Williams v Miss Riley. WINNER: Miss Williams πŸ† 🏸 


Round 1- Mrs Elliot v Miss Martin. WINNER: Mrs Elliot πŸ† 🏸 


Round 1- Mr Griffiths v Mr Metcalf- WINNER: Mr Metcalf πŸ† 


Round 1- Mr Gill v Mr Gilbert- WINNER: Mr Gilbert πŸ†