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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:

The fear of failure.

Paulo Cuelho "The Alchemist"

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Anfield Road Primary School

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Any school is only as good as its staff, which is why here at Anfield Road Primary, we strive to recruit the very best. Our staff are all caring, child-centered, learning-focused professionals who want the best for our children.

Senior Leadership Team


                  Mrs Claire Drew-Williams (Headteacher)

                Mrs W Beaumont (Deputy Headteacher) 

Mrs Claire Drew-Williams Mrs Wendy Beaumont Mr Neil Griffiths
Headteacher  Deputy Headteacher Deputy Headteacher

Heads of School

Mrs McDonald  Ms Costello    Miss Elliott
Head of First School  Head of Middle School  Head of Upper School

Safeguarding & SENCo


Mrs Downing (Safeguarding)  Miss Wood (Safeguarding)  Mrs Turner    Mrs Evans
  Behaviour and Inclusion  Family Link Worker    EYFS/KS1 SENCo  KS2 SENCo
Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants 
Mr McCartney (Y6 Mrs Banks (Y6)    Mrs Ross (Y6 Mr Vine (Y6 TA Mr Gill (PPA)              
Mr Gilbert (Y5)  Mrs Roberts (Y5 Mrs Smith (Y5) Mr Turner (HLTA)

Miss Meredith      



Mrs Yates (Y5 Miss Sale (Y4 Mr Syms (Y4 Miss Furness (Y4 Mrs Metcalf (Y4 TA)      
Mrs Turner (Y3 Miss Williams (Y3)    Mrs Cameron (Y3 TA Mrs Purchase (Y3 Miss Yenson (Y3)        



Patricia Hughes 

(Spanish Teacher)

Miss Carroll (Y2 Miss McGouran (Y2)    Mrs Griffiths (Y2 Miss Williams (Y2 TA)         


Mr Metcalf (Y1 Miss Bradley (Y1) Miss Mairs (Y1) Mrs Young (Y1) Miss McNally (Y1 TA)         
Miss Bell (Rec) Mrs Carter (Rec)  Mrs Finch (Rec)  Miss Wade (Rec TA) Mrs Roche (Rec TA)          

Mrs Hardcastle  

(Rec TA)

Miss McLoughlin 


Miss Kewley


Mrs Harris


Miss Garvey 


Mrs Mogan (TA) Mrs Webster (TA) Mrs Davis (TA) Mrs Bromley (TA)  


Inclusion Team

Mrs Harwood  Mrs Hargreaves  Mrs Envis Mrs Brown  Mrs Hyland
Mrs Hughes  Miss Burns    Miss Adams Mr Williams  

Office Staff


Mrs Ball  Ms Hypson  Miss Coward Miss Doran
(PA to Headteacher) (Business Manager)  (HR & Pupil Administrator) (Finance Assistant) 
Mrs Kneen    Mrs Campbell  Mr Lacey  Mrs Stinchcomb
(Admin Assistant)  (Admin Assistant) (Site Manager)   (School Cook)


L4 Afterschool Provision

Mrs Saleh Miss Howard