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Year 1 News & Gallery 2020/2021

18/06/2021- Thank you Strawberries for your generous donations!


11/06/2021- Lots of awards in Strawberries today! 100% attendance medals, Good to be Green certificates, walking to school badges and book raffles prizes. What a great week. 

09/06/2021- Octopuses Garden had a fun afternoon learning about minibeasts. 

08/06/2021- Octopuses Garden loved hunting for minibeasts. 

07/06/2021-Strawberry Fields had lots of fun exploring the school allotments for mini beasts. A great start to our learning challenge. 

28/05/2021- Strawberries had a brilliant day celebrating the school’s 135th birthday. 

28/05/2021- Yellow Subs had lots of fun travelling back to 2020 to say thank you to all the key workers for keeping us safe.


28/05/2021- Yellow Subs absolutely loved cooking this morning. We made vegetable curry. It was delicious!

26/05/2021- Octopuses Garden looked after Lily, the class plant this half term. She has grown a lot with plenty of sunshine and water. We painted some fantastic pictures of her. 

25/05/2021- A fantastic 21 children in Strawberry Fields received their walk to school badges today. We are keeping fit and reducing our carbon footprint at the same time. Well done everyone. 

Friday 21st May- πŸ“ Strawberry’s #3GoodThings by Hakan, Henry and David


1- Finding quarters in maths

2- Making vegetable curry and spring rolls

3- Learning a special song which we will share with you all very soon 🎀 


Friday 21st May- Octopuses Garden looked at Jewish artefacts this afternoon. We learnt what they are called and what they are used for. 


Friday 14th May- Strawberry Field’s #3GoodThings by Jack, Isaac and Kirin

1- Writing our own Percy the Park Keeper stories πŸ“• 

2- Learning how to halve- We are super mathematicians

3- Eid celebrations in class πŸŽ‰ 


Friday 14th May- We were excellent at cutting our ingredients and listening to instructions. 


Friday 14th May- We loved making our own curry and spring rolls in Octopuses Garden today. 


Thursday 13th May- We love looking after our class plant, Pink Daisy, in Yellow Subs. We spotted that she had grown lots over the last few days and wanted to check. We were so surprised to find our she’s grown 7cm in just a week and now has flowers on 4 extra stems. We think she is beautiful. 🌸 


Wednesday 12th May- We feel so lucky to have Miss Saleh in Strawberry Fields. In our RE lesson today Miss Saleh taught us all about Ramadan, Eid and the meaning behind it. We tried on traditional Eid clothing. 


Wednesday 5th May- Octopuses Garden are always excited to play new phonics games in our continuous provision. Today we had to read the word on the balls and decide if it was a real or alien word. We then threw the real words into Percy’s bucket and alien words into the alien’s bucket. 


Wednesday 28th April- Miss McNally has been so impressed with our independent writing this week that she thought we deserved an extra special treat πŸ“ 


    Wednesday 28th April- Treats for staying green all last week! So proud of you all getting a class Good to be Green certificate today. Super Subs! 


    Wednesday 28th April- Stunning science work in Yellow Submarines this afternoon. We can name parts of a plant and we used magnifying glasses to look at each part close up. 


    Friday 23rd April- What a lovely end to the week in Yellow Subs. We enjoyed making art with chalk, paint, pencils and pastels. 


    Thursday 22nd April- Next, the chicks visited Octopuses Garden πŸ₯ 


    Thursday 22nd April- Look who came to visit Strawberry Fields 🐣 


    Thursday 22nd April- Octopuses Garden celebrating Earth Day! 🌍 


    Thursday 22nd April- Happy Earth Day 🌎 


    Thursday 22nd April- The cutest little guests in Yellow Submarines today 🐣 


    Thursday 22nd April- Making our pledges for Earth Day. We love our Earth and we are going to look after it. 🌎 


    Wednesday 21st April- Octopuses Garden are loving their new science area 🌼 πŸƒ. We compared and described the flowers and even planted our own Sunflowers and Pansies. We are excited to observe them over the next few weeks. 


    Tuesday 20th April- Super Scientists in Yellow Submarines today. We loved sorting trees and observing our class plant πŸͺ΄ 


    Tuesday 20th April- Strawberry Fields enjoyed exploring the allotment this afternoon. We discovered lots of plants and trees that we have been learning about in class including daffodils and blossom trees. We then painted and sketched the plants we could see. 🎨  πŸ“ 



    Tuesday 21st April- It is so lovely when the children enjoy their work so much that they go home and carry on with their learning. Beautiful artwork from Gloria bought a big smile this morning! πŸ’› 


    Friday 16th April- Octopuses Garden loved looking at the different plants in the allotment today. We were able to use our science knowledge to name the plants too. 


    Friday 16th April- We spotted something very exciting when watering our class plants in Yellow Submarines today. Take a close look...what can you see?


    Friday 16th April- They should be calling us Green Submarines! Super behaviour in Yellow Subs this week! 


    Friday 16th April- In our Talk for Writing lesson we experimented with cocktail sticks to see what it feels like to be a hedgehog. We then tested different materials to see which would cover the hedgehogs spines effectively so that he could have his much loved balloon. 



    Thursday 15th April- Strawberries enjoyed their first outdoor PE lesson of the year today! We also took our story sack outside and enjoyed the lovely weather. 


    Monday 12th April- Strawberry Fields enjoyed their surprise visit from Percy the Park Keeper this morning. He told us some great facts about his job and even read us one of his stories. 


    Monday 12th April- A surprise visit from Percy the Park Keeper this morning in our school allotment. What a treat! A great first day back for Yellow Submarines! 


    Friday 26th March- Strawberry Fields had a lovely Easter craft afternoon after reaching their Gem in the Jar target. We made Easter wreaths, cards and rabbits. It was so much fun! 


    Friday 26th March- Congratulations to our Easter raffle winner in Yellow Submarines! 


    Thursday 25th March- When you can’t go to the Cavern Club, you bring the Cavern Club to Anfield! Well done Octopuses! πŸ™


    Still image for this video

    Thursday 25th March- Easter fun in Yellow Submarines today. 



    Thursday 25th March- Octopuses Garden took their learning outside this afternoon πŸ™ . We enjoyed painting daffodils, writing about Easter Eggs and using our phonics knowledge to match a picture to the correct word. 🌼 



    Thursday 25th March- Fantastic maths work in Strawberry Fields today! We have mastered ‘greater than’ ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ with the help of some Easter friends πŸ“ 🐣 🐰 



    Wednesday 24th March- We are so proud of Year 1, they usually go on an amazing trip to the Cavern Club and listen to the band, having a dance and sing along but this year they brought the Cavern Club to Anfield Road! 

    Wednesday 24th March- We enjoyed getting on stage in our Cavern Club and trying out our instruments. 



    Wednesday 24th March- Future rockstars in Yellow Submarines making their instruments this afternoon. 


    Wednesday 24th March- Octopuses Garden have been busy bees today creating their own instruments πŸ™ 


    Monday 22nd March- Strawberry Fields made their own musical instruments today out of recycled materials. We can’t wait to use them to record our class songs tomorrow. 




    Monday 22nd March- Super proud of our album covers this afternoon. Can you guess the class that made them? πŸ’› 


    Friday 19th March- Using our Year 1 Spelling Bee words in a sentence this morning!



    Friday 19th March- Super phonics work in Yellow Submarines



    Friday 19th March- Busy bees in Octopuses Garden πŸ™ 



    Friday 19th March- Smiles all round on Red Nose Day! πŸ”΄



    Friday 19th March- Yellow Submarines were so happy to receive their Remote Learner certificates today! 

    Thursday 18th March- More fun learning this afternoon! 



    Wednesday 17th March- Lots of phonics fun! 




    Wednesday 17th March- We love Kagan activities where we can work together! 



    Wednesday 17th March- We are so proud of the Beatles puppets we made! 



    Monday 15th March- Yellow Submarines have had a busy afternoon trying out some of their new areas of provision. 



    Thursday 11th March- Super phonics work in Strawberry Fields πŸ“ 



    Tuesday 9th March- Today we have made fantastic Magical Mystery Tour busses!