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Year 1 News & Gallery 2021/2022

SF created a 'Growing Together Wall.' We talked about what we have learned, achieved and found out about ourselves since joing Y1. We were amazed at how we've grown and have been helped by the  people around us. We will continue to grow! 



Today, Octopuses Garden went on a visual Magical Mystery Tour and visited some of the famous places belonging to The Beatles. We then used a key, to find and plot the different places on a map. We also used directional language to describe the places.


Octopuses Garden experimented with their senses today. We tasted crisp and guessed the flavour, we felt different objects, we smelt different scents, we used different objects to look at books and we used our ears to listen to the instruments.


Octopuses Garden have had a brilliant and funny start to their week. This week, we are learning about the human senses. Today, we labelled our body parts and labelled which sense each body part is linked to. 


Strawberries had so much fun today celebrating school’s 136th birthday.  We learned all about the 1920s and played some of the games children would have played back then. They particularly liked tiddlywinks!


Roll back to the 1920s


We have had a fantastic day in Yellow Submarines celebrating school’s 136th birthday! We’ve played lots of 1920s themed games including Dominoes and Tiddlywinks. We’ve sang and danced to jazz music and even created some eye catching jazz art! 


Octopuses had lots of fun during our provocation day yesterday. We learnt lots of facts about The Beatles, created our own posters, decorate our own album covers and watched their live performances. 


Octopuses Garden played popular games from the 1920’s. We even created our own ‘cup the ball’ game.


1920s Birthday Fun! 


We have had a fantastic Beatles provocation day in Yellow Subs! We have danced, sang and researched lots of interesting facts about The Beatles. We even signed our own Cavern inspired wall.



Yellow Subs ready for Christmas party day!


Breakfast with Santa 🎅


We had 8 children from Octopuses Garden who have been in school every day for the past 2 weeks 👏🏼. As a reward, we decorated our own snowman biscuits and they were delicious.


Christmas Jumper Day 



We’ve had lots of fantastic homework from Octopuses Garden uploaded to Google Classroom this week. Remember homework is sent out every Thursday on Google Classroom.


Today in science, Octopuses Garden worked in their kagan groups to compare and sort a range of animals depending on their different features.

We’ve been busy bees in Octopuses Garden this week. We started our new topic, ‘Why can’t meerkats live in the North Pole?’. We met our new friend, Sunny the Meerkat and wrote him a letter. We also used different materials to make our own meerkats.


Wow, look how many children in Yellow Submarines received 100% attendance for being in school everyday & on time fantastic effort.




Wow! Look how many children from Octopuses Garden have stayed green all term. What an excellent achievement.


October 2021

Halloween fun!


We had an amazing day at our pirate initiation day!


Strawberries had a fantastic afternoon sketching & colour mixing in preparation of making their own pirate self portraits.


Strawberries #3goodthings by Ella, Travis & Joshua
1, Completing our first shared write! We are very proud of them📝
2, Testing materials for Pirate Pete to see which one would be the best to clean his decks⚓️
3, Making our Cauliflower Christmas Cards. We can’t wait to show you🎅🏼

This week, Octopuses Garden helped Pirate Pete decide which material was best to make his own hat. We thought the cardboard and plastic hats were the best because they are waterproof and stiff. 

Octopuses Garden loved reading their favourite pirate stories today. 

Strawberries enjoyed taking part in #take10toread 

Reading gives us time to ourselves and helps our imagination grow. Here in Yellow Submarines we’ve taken the time to read our favourite books today.


Strawberries had a very important task this afternoon! Pirate Pete asked us to investigate which material would make the best pirate hat. We found the plastic hat was the best as it was waterproof. The worst was the tissue hat as it was too absorbent. Great work Strawberries!

Strawberries had a fun afternoon helping Pirate Pete decide which cloth would be the best to clean his watery decks. We made our predictions & then conducted a fair experiment. We found the microfibre cloth was the most absorbent as it was the thickest & soaked up the most water.


Octopuses Garden had another great science lesson today. We helped Pirate Pete sort the cloths from the least to the most absorbent, to help him decide which cloth would be best for him to clean his deck with.


September 2021

Octopuses Garden helped Pirate Pete classify his spoons today. We found plastic spoons can be see through and not see through and wooden spoons and can shiny, dull, rough and smooth. Excellent scientific vocabulary.


Wow! Lewis was very proud to show everyone his first gold medal that he won in Jiu Jitsu this weekend. Well done!


Lovely Naomi is Strawberries super reader of the week. Naomi has read at home every night & even some mornings before school! Naomi, you are a star! 

Year One have been reading so much we have lots of Reading Wizards! Taking their books home and reading every night.


Strawberries love phonics! We had a fun phonics filled afternoon with lots of exciting activities to explore. We played phonics Pop up Pirate, phonics snap and phonics boggle to name a few! 

Octopuses Garden have been fantastic scientists today. We explored objects that are stretchy, floppy, bendy and stiff.

Today, Octopuses Garden explored and sorted objects that are made from wood, plastic, paper, metal, fabric and glass. We are super scientists.


George was Reader of the Week in Straberry Fields this week. He has read at home every evening and brought his book to school each day. Well done George! Who will be the reader of the week next week?

Octopuses Garden made their own paper chain during our Wellness lesson today. We each drew four things that make us special on paper and joined them together, to make our chain, to show how we are all unique and connected.




Octopuses Garden had lots of fun in their continuous provision this afternoon. We found different ways to represent numbers to 10 and used our phonics knowledge to spell words  in the sand.


Strawberry Fields are proud to announce that Maya has been voted as our school councillor and Virgilia as our vice councillor! It was a tough competition as everyone gave it their all and we heard some fantastic ideas. We are very proud of all of you. 

Strawberries were so excited to take their home reading books home today. Who is going to be our first super reader of the week? 

Strawberry Fields used their  compass knowledge to help Miss McNally find her missing pen. It was lots of fun! 

Yellow Submarines are enjoying exploring Pirate book & writing their own book reviews.


Strawberry Fields #3goodthings by Ella, Travis & Joshua
1, Exploring our new classroom. We love the reading area!
2, Writing in our new exercise books. We’ve been trying hard to stay on the lines.
3, Making a parrot out of a paper plate.


What a day…our Year Ones enjoying their first ever SUPERSTARS assembly all together. 😀 #aimhigh #celebration

Wow! Lottie has earned @AnfieldStanleyH extra house points this week for earning Player of the Week at her football club. Octopuses Garden are very proud of you 

Octopuses Garden have had a wonderful first week back. We are very excited to be learning about pirates.