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Year 2 News & Gallery 2020/2021

01/07/2021- We’re back and working hard to remember our story Tyrannosaurus Drip so we can continue with our writing next week.#HighFlyers  🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖


18/06/2021- Dinosaur silhouette pictures 🦖🦕What a great afternoon we’ve had!


10/06/2021- Our dinosaur hatched! We’re now the proud owners of a Stegosaurus! 

09/06/2021- We have really enjoyed researching different dinosaurs this week. We have been watching videos, reading books and have shown excellent teamwork skills. 

08/06/2021- This afternoon we became F.O.S.S.I.L agents. (Federal Officers of Super Sized Lizaeds). We looked at photos, models, books, video clips to find out about different dinosaurs.



07/06/2021- We even got to take our Whizz Kids dinosaur, Fred, for a walk. 

07/06/2021- What a great unissued day! 

07/06/2021- We are having a super provocation day in Bright Sparks, investigating coprolites (dinosaur poo). We were great at spotting the herbivore, carnivore and omnivore poo. This afternoon we looked at dinosaur skeletons and used pasta shapes to make our own. 

07/06/2021- Which dinosaur will hatch from the Whizz Kids? 

07/06/2021- High Flyers’ findings 


07/06/2021- We're investigating to look for clues to predict which poo could be carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. 

07/06/2021- We have been trying our best to investigate the dinosaur that pooped in the classroom. 

26/05/2021- PE in the sunshine 


26/05/2021- We have played dress up today. Some super captains and first class passengers. 

Friday 21st May- Well done for super effort with your Times Tables Rocks stars! 


Thursday 20th May- Painting out Titanic drawings this afternoon. We learnt how to use acrylic paints properly and the different effects that brush strokes can make 🎨 


Tuesday 18th May- We have had a great afternoon in Bright Sparks talking about medicine safety. We knew so much already and we made posters about medicine safety to help teach others how to stay safe. 


Friday 14th May- We enjoyed making our Eid inspired moon and stars decoration, finding out more about this celebration and looking at Elenka’s beautiful Mehndi designs on her hands this afternoon. 


Tuesday 11th May- How lucky and honoured are we to have our class mates teach us about Eid. They also shared what they are looking forward to this Eid.



Monday 3rd May- We have really enjoyed colour mixing this afternoon. We are looking at the colour palette or Alfred Wallis before painting the Titanic next week. 


Thursday 22nd April- We enjoyed making some collaborative recycled art in our Kagan groups and we made pledges about what we can do to help the Earth 🌍 


Thursday 22nd April- Gracias Senora Patri! We loved trying on your husband’s ship engineers hat. We spotted the anchor on the badge and compared it to the uniform of the White Star Line. 


Thursday 22nd April- This Earth Day, Whizz Kids pledge to make sure we turn the lights and Smart board off when we leave the room. We ♥️our 🌎 


Tuesday 20th April- This afternoon we looked closely at photographs of Titanic and sorted them into 1st, 2nd and 3rd class areas. Lots of us thought it wasn’t fair that 3rd class passengers couldn’t go to many parts of the ship 🚢.


Wednesday 14th April- Today we learnt what happened to the Titanic through a timeline and worked out it was 109 years ago today that the Titanic struck the iceberg.



Monday 12th April- We’ve enjoyed doing some messy baking today. We made cabin biscuits to help settle our stomachs and avoid the dresses seasickness on our Titanic voyage. 🚢 


Monday 12th April-  We finished the day by cracking some Morse code, writing our own messages and enjoying our cabin biscuits. 


Monday 12th April- We are getting in the Titanic spirit today for our new topic, Why is the Sea Important to Liverpool? We have made some cabin biscuits like 3rd class passengers. 🚢 


Friday 26th March- Well done to the winner of the Easter goodies from Bright Sparks! 🐰


Friday 26th March- This week Bright Sparks have been felting images inspired by Monet’s Bridge. It took a lot of perseverance...



Friday 26th March- Easter crafting fun this morning in Bright Sparks.



Friday 26th March- Well done to the winner of our Easter goodies in Bright Sparks! 🐣


Wednesday 17th March- More science investigations today. We made predictions to see which materials we thought were waterproof and tested them. We are super scientists 👩‍🔬 



Monday 15th March- We have been investigating which materials are waterproof.



Thursday 11th March- Whizz Kids loved finding out how our lungs work today. We made balloon lungs and used a virtual reality t-shirt to look inside our bodies to see all the different organs. 



Monday 8th March- Year 2 staff have been out in force litter picking around our school.



Monday 8th March- We have been investigating materials today. We have been identifying the different materials around the room. 


Monday 1st March- Super colour mixing in Bright Sparks today! 🎨