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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:

The fear of failure.

Paulo Cuelho "The Alchemist"

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Year 3 (7-8 years)


Miss Stanley

Mr Metcalf

Mrs Hobin


Children in Year 3 will be part of Middle School. This will ensure a smooth transition from KS1 to KS2.

Middle School is a place where children have different opportunities to consolidate and apply the basic skills that they have learned in First School.


In Middle School children will have the opportunity to experience another residential visit away from home. The curriculum in Year 3 broadens the children’s knowledge of Liverpool and beyond. We have inspiring Learning Challenges that provides the children with exciting activities that motivate pupils and provide a meaningful context for their learning. 


At Anfield Road, real life experiences are a fundamental part of our curriculum. Your child will have a school visit or visitor linked to their learning every half term. Click on each Learning Challenge question to have a look at the exciting photostory which showcases the learning that took place throughout the topic. 


Autumn 1

LC: Who was the first man to live in Liverpool?       

Autumn 2

LC: Why was there a rocket in Liverpool?

Visitor: Stone Age Cookery  Venue: West Lancashire Railway

Spring 1       

LC: Were the Romans really rotten?

Spring 2

LC: What makes the Earth angry?

Venue: Dewa Chester    Visitor: Volcano Science Experiment Day

Summer 1     

LC: Who were the vicious Vikings?

Summer 2

LC: How does your garden grow?

Visitor: Viking visitor   Venue: Ness Gardens

Year 3 Timetable

Learning Challenge Timetable