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Year 3 News & Gallery 2020/2021

14/06/2021- We had great fun in Marvels dissecting a plant today. We learned about what jobs the root, stem, leaf and flower does. #scienceisfun


11/06/2021- Marvels loved getting covered in orange to make bird feeders. We had great fun filling the feeders with some very interesting bird fed. πŸ•ŠπŸ¦œπŸ›πŸͺ±


07/06/2021-Marvels loved getting covered in orange to make bird feeders. We had great fun filling the feeders with some very interesting bird fed. πŸ•ŠπŸ¦œπŸ›πŸͺ±


07/06/2021-During our provocation Marvels made these fantastic bird feeders. We had great fun getting covered in orange and filling the feeders with some very interesting bird fed. πŸ•ŠπŸ¦œπŸ›πŸͺ±


07/06/2021- Marvels had a lovely start to the half term looking around the allotment at what was growing. It certainly got the questions flowing for our new Learning Challenge. πŸŒΉπŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸŒ·πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸ’πŸ₯€πŸŒΌ



07/06/2021- We started to explore the question - Which parts of schoo have the most plants? 🌱 πŸ€” We spotted them everywhere!




07/06/2021-Incredibles made bird feeders today as part of our Provocation. 🐦 We added a mixture of seeds and dried insects - we hope the birds enjoy them! 🐜 πŸͺ± πŸͺ²


26/05/2021- Incredibles used wet felting to create some amazing Viking faces. We got a bit soapy but look at the finished result! πŸ‘



24/05/2021- Today we started our Viking fest faces. We had great fun creating our faces. Well done Marvels. 

24/05/2021-Bobby saved up his pocket money to buy this amazing bee house for our allotment. He even wrote a letter to explain why bees are so important. Thank you so much Bobby. 

Thursday 20th May- Miss Stanley has been so impressed with the writing in Incredibles this week. They have been writing a biography about Mr Vine. They loved the interview process and have included conjunctions of time. 


Friday 14th May- Marvels would like to wish Eid Mubarak to everyone who is celebrating. We made some Eid decorations and had party food. What a great afternoon. 


Thursday 22nd April- Throughout the week Marvels have discussed:

1) Recycling, reusing and reducing. ♻️ 

2) The importance of switching lights and devices off when not in use πŸ’‘ 

3) Why we should turn taps off when brushing our teeth πŸ’¦ 


Today we have made this pledge 🌍 


Thursday 22nd April- Happy Earth day 🌎 from Marvels. We read ‘Dreamer’ by Brian Moses and wrote our own line. In order to create a class ‘Dreamer’ poem. 


Friday 16th April- Incredibles have loved starting their new Learning Challenge this week. They have had so much fun making Viking shields, brooches and necklaces. 


Wednesday 14th April- Marvels had a new member today! Let me introduce ‘Leif Bear Slayer’. A mad warrior who shows no fear in battle. He is very strong and uses a heavy sword when he fights. 


Friday 26th March- Well done to our Marvel-ours winner of the Easter prizes today 🐰


Thursday 25th March- Incredibles have been working on their volcano collages this week. We used water colour, poster paint and layers of tissue paper to creat texture. πŸŒ‹ 



Friday 19th March- Happy Red Nose Day Marvels πŸ”΄


Wednesday 17th March- Well done Marvels, you are amazing 🀩 



Wednesday 17th March- Incredibles had such a lovely morning in the allotments. πŸͺ΄ We can’t wait to watch our plants grow. 🌸 



Monday 15th March- Marvels have been bus creating information leaflets to encourage us to help make our planet a better place. 🌎  β™»οΈ 


Monday 15th March- We were all amazed by what we saw when we used the Virtuali- Tee to explore our body’s important organs. We then created information leaflets to share the new facts that we have learnt about the lungs 🫁 



Friday 12th March- Mrs Hobin had a lovely catch up with Transformers. 


Thursday 11th March- Incredibles loved finding out about the body and had lots of fun with the virtual t-shirt. We made posters with our research. 🦴 🫁 🧬