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Year 5 News & Gallery 2020/2021

28/06/2021- Taking a closer look at how flowers pollinate. Einsteins were amazed at what they found!


22/06/2021- Some examples of our work from today. These children carefully dissected their flowers and managed to identify and even explain the different parts! Well done Newtons πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ


22/06/2021- We have been using our green fingers to investigate how different plants reproduce. We dissected there Lilly flowers and tried to identify the different parts of the reproduction system. Fantastic science chat going on in Newtons today πŸ”¬πŸŒ±πŸͺ΄


07/06/2021- We had a lovely afternoon in Newtons immersing ourself in our new topic all about green spaces and the natural world around us. We set up a ‘still life’ studio and created beautiful, detailed sketches of this flower arrangement. πŸŒΏπŸ’πŸŒΌπŸŽ¨


07/06/2021- Using our observational skills to draw the still life scene of a selection plants and flowers 🌺🎨 first, sketching...


07/06/2021- Why are Green spaces so important? We are enjoying reading all about special green spaces all around the globe 🌍🌲🌱🌴🌡🌿 what is your favourite park to visit?


28/05/2021- Einsteins had a builder, a vaccine and a range of bright, colourful outfits to celebrate the 135th birthday of our school. 

Friday 21st May- Busy creating our flood proof homes, using waterproof materials to bring our designs to life. 


Wednesday 19th May- We have been planning our floor- proof  homes today. Ready to build tomorrow to try and Beat the Flood. Our project is investigating the impact of climate change on areas affected by flooding, such as Bangladesh. We aim to create sustainable and affordable homes for the future 🌎 


Tuesday 18th May- Can we design a home to beat the flood? A busy, bustling hive of activity this afternoon in Einsteins. 


Thursday 13th May- Look at our finishes pop art pieces. 


Tuesday 11th May- What a star! Kiera was awarded this because of the super effor that she has put into school council/ eco project. 


Tuesday 11th May- Working hard to create artwork in the style of Roy Lichtenstein in Newton’s this afternoon. 


Thursday 6th May- We have enjoyed making our own magazines, keep your eyes peeled for the release! 



Friday 30th April- Da Vinci’s’ pledge to reduce their screen time outside of school. Ryan can’t wait to read more of the books her loves. πŸ“š 


Thursday 29th April- Using our knowledge of decimals and money to create challenge cards for our friends πŸ’΄ 


Wednesday 28th April- Slime time! Making and testing different recipes. Messy fun whilst discussing materials and their properties. 


Wednesday 28th April- Planning, conducting and recording a fair test then working out the averages. Which material is the stretchiest?


Friday 23rd April- Los Quijotes have been working super hard this morning to reflect on Earth Day yesterday and came up with our class pledge to look after our planet 🌎 


Friday 23rd April- Who can keep Mr Freeze’s tea the warmest for the longest? We will soon find out 🧊 


Thursday 22nd April- Los Quijotes are impressing Mrs Hesketh with their hockey skills πŸ‘ 


Thursday 22nd April- Da Vinci’s pledge this Earth Day 🌎 


Wednesday 21st April- We have been developing our throwing and catching techniques today in PE. Great work, Einsteins! 


Tuesday 20th April- A busy afternoon of Science in Einsteins today. Sorting materials and learning some new scientific vocabulary which will help us to solve Mr Freeze’s problem tomorrow...


Friday 16th April- Exploring our understanding of decimals through maths museums and games! 


Tuesday 13th April- We have been finding out all about Neuro- Diversity and real life super humans! 


Thursday 26th March- Da Vincis’ are being very creative this afternoon, painting our Greek pots, working together to create mosaic designs and collages 🌎 🎨 


Wednesday 24th March- A lovely afternoon in the Spring sunshine β˜€οΈ. The first outside PE session of 2021. Great team work, Einsteins! 


Monday 22nd March- Messy fun creating own our clay Greek pots this afternoon. 



Friday 19th March- Newtons had so much fun on Red Nose Day πŸ”΄



Thursday 11th March- Newtons didn’t let the rain stop us planting our seeds! 🌸 



Thursday 11th March- Mr Gilbert and Mr Metcalf teamed up to brave the element for our Great Springy Spruce Up.