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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:

The fear of failure.

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Year 6 News & Gallery

Monday 12th April- Check out these reactions to ‘Guess the Organs’



Monday 12th April- We loved guessing which organs were in the bowl for our learning challenge provocation. 


Monday 22nd March- Miss Williams was super impressed today with the these character descriptions, especially after so long working at home. 


Thursday 18th March- Thank you Mr Roberts from North Liverpool Academy for our Science zoom session. You can’t see our faces but we were engrossed. It was so interesting and also hilarious! We loved the elephant toothpaste! It got us so excited about science and joining you at NLA next year! 🧪 🧬 


Tuesday 16th March- We became DNA code crackers this afternoon. We were even able to find out DNA from a skeleton and begin to create a picture of what this person would look like today. 



Monday 15th March- We had a fun filled afternoon in Othellos. We looked at how variations in DNA lead to the inheritance of different traits. We became DNA detectives by creating and decoding a ‘DNA recipe’ for a dog! 



Wednesday 10th March- We have planted our own seeds in class as part of the Great Springy Spruce Up. We can’t wait to watch them grow. 



Wednesday 10th March- Year 6 had an amazing live lesson with Dr Mandy Hartley, author of the DNA Detectives series today