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Early Help (EHAT)

Early Help Assessment Guidance for Parents


At Anfield Road Primary, we understand that there may be times when you or your children may need some extra support and guidance and one of the ways that we can support you is by opening up an EHAT. 

An EHAT (Early Help Assessment Tool) is a form used to identify the support needed, gather information about your family’s circumstances and see what we can do together to help improve things for you.


The EHAT will explore your current situation and will help to address any difficulties for you and your family. The process will start by sharing information, discussing where support is needed and looking at what we can do together to help. We can work with other agencies and services such as health and well-being support, finance and employment support, sleep and behaviour support and much more, this will be tailored around your family’s needs and wishes. 

The EHAT is a voluntary process and is available to help you and your family, who will be involved in the EHAT every step of the way. We have excellent feedback from all families who are already involved in this process and they really value the support they receive. 

If you think you would benefit from the support of an EHAT, please contact the Safeguarding Team. 


If you’ve been referred for an EHAT


When you have been referred for an EHAT you will be asked to share information about your circumstances, your difficulties and things that go well in your family. Everyone involved can clearly see what has been discussed so you can get the most appropriate help and support from a range of services, you only have to tell ‘your story’ once, rather than lots of times to different people.  This is voluntary, and is there to help you and your family, who will be involved in the EHAT every step of the way. 




As a rule, the information you and your children provide will only be shared with your consent. Sharing information will be explained to you when the EHAT is completed, and you will be asked to sign a consent section of the form.