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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:

The fear of failure.

Paulo Cuelho "The Alchemist"

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Anfield Road Primary School

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Reception (4-5 years)


                                   Miss Ross                                 Miss Bell                                     Mrs Finch 




First School consists of the children in Nursery, Reception and Year One.


This ensures a seamless transition into school life. 


We place strong emphasis on outdoor learning in the early years and at Anfield Road, we have a surprising space for nature in our Forest School which all the children have access to through the curriculum.


In reception children will learn though high quality play based activities in the outdoor and indoor environment through the continuous provision, which provides opportunities for the children to further develop and consolidate learning with peers.



Reception Admissions

We have 90 reception places at Anfield Road Primary School and children are split into 3 classes of 30. If you are interested in applying for a reception place at Anfield Road Primary School Click here to see the admission procedures.


  Click here to find out more about the admissions procedures.


Autumn 1       Autumn 2
Visitor: Teddy Bear's Picnic  Venue: Stanley Park
Spring 1   Spring 2
Visitors: People who help us  Visitor: Chick eggs
Summer 1    Summer 2
Visitor: Author- Hil Keating  Venue: Formby Beach


Nursery and Reception Open Days

Reception Timetable

Learning Challenge Timetable