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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:

The fear of failure.

Paulo Cuelho "The Alchemist"

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Reception Admissions

Reception Admissions


We have 90 reception places at Anfield Road Primary School and children are split into 3 classes of 30. If you are interested in applying for a reception place at Anfield Road Primary School Click here to see the admission procedures.

Admission Procedures


Click here to find out more about the admissions procedures.


Click here to gain an insight to our amazing school. We look forward to seeing you all soon. 


Reception Admissions Information 2020-2021


We would like to welcome you all to Anfield Road Primary School and are pleased you have chosen for you child to continue their journey here with us or begin their journey at Anfield Road. All Parents/Carers have received an email with all the details regarding their child starting reception with us in September.


Here is access to a copy of all the documents provided


Please complete the purple form and return to and download the parent app for school updates.


We look forward to welcoming you all soon.


Reception Admissions documents

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