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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:

The fear of failure.

Paulo Cuelho "The Alchemist"

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‘When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not to join their chaos’

At Anfield Road we have a positive approach to behaviour management and set clear boundaries which everyone in school understands. Our restorative strategies allow us to work with the children to build relationships based on mutual respect and provide support if needed.


Our Aims


  • To provide a consistent approach to developing behaviour and relationships across the whole school and at all times of the day when children are in school
  • To ensure that adults support children positively in developing behaviour and relationships
  • To develop positive relationships and support adults to provide children with the skills to

         resolve conflict

  • To ensure all children feel good about themselves
  • To provide clear boundaries which everyone in school understands, thereby keeping

         everyone safe and happy

  • To provide a consistent and positive whole school language which all adults working in our

        school adhere to

  • To ensure children understand the language of choice and consequences
  • To ensure that everyone in school are clear of their rights and responsibilities


Promoting Good Behaviour and Relationships


Each class follows the ‘Good to be Green’ approach and each day, and sections of the day are seen as a fresh start. We believe that it is important to involve children in the choices surrounding behaviour and as part of ourGood to be Green’ framework,  the children and staff collaborate to design the rules, rewards and sanctions that the children will follow. ‘Privilege’ cards are given to children who display exceptional behaviour within the class and playground. 


In addition to the whole school behaviour and rewards, further systems are in place to teach children about responsibility, relationships and behaviour. These include:


  • Collective Worship and the ‘7 Safety Messages’
  • Weekly Superstars Assembly and rewards
  • ‘I’ve been Spotted’ awards in Superstars 
  • Housemate of the week/ High tea award
  • Year 6 Roles and Responsibilities
  • Good to be Green notes home to parents
  • ‘Noticed’ prizes


We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying, racist, sexist and homophobic comments and these will always override the system. 


When a little more help is needed

We acknowledge that some children may have particular emotional, social, medical or learning difficulties which may, on occasion, contribute to them displaying challenging behaviour. In such cases, the school aims to work with parents and other professionals to ascertain the problem, attempt to understand it, and put together targets for improvement and ways of achieving these targets. This may be done by the SENDco, the Behaviour Manager, Learning Mentors or the Nurture Class Teacher. 


Doodle Bugs & Mersey Beats


As part of our restorative behaviour approach, we offer interventions called Doodle Bugs and Mersey Beats. These are supportive behaviour and wellbeing intervention groups that use the arts as a creative form of expression. Here the children are encouraged and supported to self-regulate through taught strategies and creativity. Our children’s wellbeing is at the heart of everything that we do at Anfield Road Primary School and these interventions are just a couple of elements of the nurturing and supportive network which we provide.