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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:

The fear of failure.

Paulo Cuelho "The Alchemist"

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Our School is our Sanctuary


As you step inside the doors of our huge Victorian building you will experience the curriculum coming alive in our fantastic artwork and installations and at that point you will get a sense of the special place that Anfield Road Primary is.  Our environment is important to us, we want the children to soak up and appreciate the world around them and where best to begin this than school? We use the environment to provoke, inspire and challenge the children’s thinking and curiosity but also to provide a warm, safe and exciting place for the children to work and play. 


Each Corridor is named after famous Liverpool streets and our three beautiful halls are named after three theatres in Liverpool. Each year group’s corridor reflect some of their exciting learning experiences

Murals by Paul Curtis


Some of our most recent artwork around school has been large scale murals painted by Paul Curtis. Paul is a local artist who has turned many Liverpool destinations into his canvas. We asked Paul some questions so that we could get to know the person behind the paintbrush. 


1) You have been named in a list of ‘21 People who makes Merseyside Happy’ because of your artwork around Liverpool. What is your favourite thing about Liverpool? I love the mentality of the city.  We believe in equality and we stand against bullying and injustices.


2) As a successful artist with a background in Geology, how important do you think a rich and varied curriculum is for children? It’s always good to know a variety of skills.  You never know where life will take you, but the more you know about different things, the better placed you will be to make the most of opportunities.


3) Our children have been so inspired by your work, what inspires you? Everything should be looked at for inspiration.  Everything has been designed, either by nature or by the human mind.  I see good ideas in anything from architecture, to road signs, to plant buds.  We just need to take the time to look twice at things.  I like all kinds of artwork, but I guess I’m drawn to some “traditional” looking art such as Jack Vettriano.


4)  You have visited our school several times to create your masterpieces, what was your favourite thing about Anfield Road Primary? Anfield Primary looks like an amazing school.  There always seemed to something fun happening for the kids and each corridor looks amazing (even before I got the chance to paint).  Everyone was so nice to me and the singing was outstanding!


5) Describe your art work in three words Popular, joyful, large


6) What advice do you have for any of our children who want to be an artist like you? If you want to do it, like everything else, you can do it, but you have to work hard.  Don’t be afraid of hard work.  Sometimes you will feel you are no good at art, I do myself sometimes, but don’t worry too much about one picture – the next picture can be better. Practice is important and looking at other people’s art is vital – the best musicians have the biggest record (mp3) collection.  Inspiration comes from others as much as yourself. 


Some of our fantastic artwork

Earth from Anfield 


Here you will see the ‘Whole Wide World’ captured on the side of Anfield Road Primary. This Earth mural is located on our Key Stage 1 yard and is approximately 6 metres in diameter. We have a diverse mix of nationalities in our school and what a fabulous way to celebrate our wonderful world than with this beautiful mural. 


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Harry Potter meets Liverpool 


Did you know that Harry Potter attended Anfield Road Primary School before he went to Hogwarts? Well, he didn’t really but the idea of this inspired a re-imagining of some of Liverpool’s most iconic landmarks, ‘Hogwarts style’. This massive mural adorns the huge wall in the L4 Diner. This creation was an epic two week project that includes the Liver Building, Royal Albert Dock, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool Cathedral, St. Luke’s ‘Bombed-out’ church, Liverpool Town Hall, Liverpool Castle, St. John’s Beacon and of course...Anfield Road Primary School.


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