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Walker Art Gallery

Walker Art Gallery


The Walker Art Gallery is the national gallery of the North. For 130 years it has housed Liverpool’s wonderful art collection. Many of the gallery’s most important works have been on display in the city for nearly 200 years! 


Big Art for Little Artists




Introduce your little ones to art in the ‘Big Art for Little Artists’ gallery which is great for children aged eight and under, it is a very special place where children can learn and have lots of fun. 


Children can:


🎨 Choose from a selection of books etc

🎨 Listen to stories

🎨 Play with puppets and create their own stories

🎨 Create their own art and dress up as characters from the Walker’s paintings 

🎨 Explore the mood room




The gallery aims to encourage children to develop their language and literacy skills and create and create a love of reading through stories, songs and art. The Storywalkers education sessions are a collection of events for early years children to encourage early communication, physical development, language and literacy skills, as well as encouraging a love of reading, writing and art. 


The events include:


🎢  Rhyme time

πŸ“– Toddler time 

🎢 Song explorers 

πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ Babbling Babies



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You can view the Walker Art Gallery collections online by clicking the image below