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Maths Party Day

Maths Party Day

We love Maths and to celebrate our love of the subject we had a whole school Maths party day organised by the children. Each year group took responsibility of planning one aspect of the party with with the aim of bringing maths alive and demonstrating how important maths is throughout our everyday lives. 




Nursery investigated shapes by going on a shape hunt around school



Reception made party invitations and made fantastic designs by printing 2d shapes



Year 1


Year 1 investigated symmetry. They played human symmetry games and made wall art for the party by creating symmetrical designs

Year 2

Year 2 followed instructions to make drinks whilst exploring measuring and capacity

Year 3

Year 3 investigated measure and capacity by making cakes. They followed instructions and weighed out all of their ingredients to make tasty treats

Year 4

Year 4 were in charge of party games! They voted for their favourite games and then made charts and graphs to record the results

Year 5

Year 5 were in charge of the money and explored the cost and budget for a trip around Liverpool

Year 6

Year 6 used their timetabling skills to create an itinerary for a day out in Liverpool for a celebrity